Learn Russian with qualified native Russian speakers in a one-to-one distance learning course or in online Russian lessons

learn Russian in a flexible and individual way with competent Russian native speakers in private Russian lessons or in small groups
Individual Russian language courses in the form of private Russian lessons or personalized Russian language sessions with competent Russian native speakers, with flexible contents and timetables, if desired also private Russian lessons at the students' home, office or company in Barcelona, Madrid and surroundings, for the teaching of everyday and colloquial Russian as well as technical and professional language.

flexible and individual Russian lessons with competent Russian native speakers in one-to-one Russian lessons or in small groups

Effective Russian courses in Barcelona and Madrid as individual Russian lessons to improve communication on holiday, in everyday life, in business, at university, and at work.

Private language school organizes individual Russian language courses and private Russian lessons for adults, teenagers, and children at all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 according to CEFR):

Private Russian lessons or private Russian lessons with highly qualified native Russian speakers – from 25,00 euros/hour = 60 minutes – with free time allocation for the student and flexible content – Russian courses at all levels (A1 to C2 according to the EU Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) – Basic Russian courses – Advanced Russian courses – Russian courses for tourists – Russian courses for seniors – Russian courses for children and teenagers.

Also, our language school organizes Russian language courses and private Russian lessons with a special focus and a professional orientation:

Russian language courses as private lessons for students – exam preparation – training for job applications – job-related or subject-specific language training, e.g. for business, technology, natural sciences, IT, politics, culture, gastronomy, the hotel industry, and medicine – business seminars in Russian for employees and managers of companies and institutions, if necessary also with a sector-specific or subject-related focus.

Individual Russian lessons at our language school can also prepare you for specific situations and events, e.g. upcoming holiday trips, stays abroad, business or work trips, negotiations, trade fairs, exhibitions, presentations, specialized conferences abroad, etc.

Russian lessons of all levels (A1 to C2) with individual content design

Our offers for further education in the field of the Russian language

In addition to a wide range of courses in the field of Russian (e.g. individual Russian language training, group Russian language courses, Russian language seminars for companies), the teaching of Eastern European languages is also an important focus of our language school's activities. Our Russian language courses are suitable for students with a wide range of background knowledge and needs, i.e. from absolute beginners to very advanced learners, and are usually held in the form of individual lessons with highly qualified teachers (native Russian speakers with university degrees and teaching experience).

Our language school offers, in particular, the following Russian language training options:

  • Russian language courses in the effective individual or private lessons with free time allowance for the student and individual choice of topics and approaches to teaching colloquial and technical language in spoken and written form – language lessons with Russian native speakers.

  • Basic or beginners' courses, advanced courses for intermediate and returning learners, and advanced Russian language courses – language training in spoken and written Russian.

  • Specialized or individually tailored Russian language courses, focusing on holiday preparation (Russian for tourists), conversation, office communication, business correspondence, business language (e.g. conducting sales conversations and consultations with clients and business partners), negotiation language, presentations, technical language training (e.g. for engineers, technicians, field engineers), business language (e.g. for business partners). (e.g. for engineers, technicians, natural scientists, computer scientists, bankers, businessmen, doctors), language preparation for private and professional stays abroad or for working abroad, language preparation for studying abroad.

  • Russian language lessons for exam preparation (preparation for all nationally and internationally recognized language exams is possible in our foreign language classes).

  • Private Russian lessons for pupils, trainees, vocational students, and students of all levels to improve school performance, also private lessons for exam preparation and retaking exams if an exam has not been passed and needs to be made up.

  • Language courses for seniors in Russian, including Russian language courses for seniors to prepare for holidays, stays abroad, and everyday communication.

  • Additional Russian language courses and extra-curricular courses for children and young people with a linguistic interest or talent, with native Russian-speaking teachers.

  • Early language classes for pre-school children from about 3 years of age in a home environment or in a nursery in Barcelona, Madrid, and the surrounding area.

  • Private Russian lessons for rapid progress in learning with a flexible timetable and individualized emphasis.

  • Private Russian lessons for rapid progress with a flexible timetable and an individualized approach.

Advantages of individual or private Russian lessons compared to group Russian courses

  • completely free time planning for the student, i.e. the dates of the individual lessons of the Russian language course can be flexibly arranged with the teacher according to the student's schedule

  • no cancelled or missed lessons, as the agreed lesson dates can be cancelled or postponed by the student for an important reason without incurring any costs.

  • the teacher can concentrate 100% on the individual student and their concerns.

  • the teacher is chosen in consultation with the student.

  • the learner is neither under-challenged nor over-challenged, as his or her prior knowledge – if any – is accurately determined at the beginning of the language course by means of a placement test and the learner determines the pace of learning for himself or herself.

  • individual choice of Russian course topics (e.g. regional studies, everyday life, tourism, profession, business life, economics, politics, history, art, culture, sport, etc.) and design of the syllabus according to the learner's previous knowledge and objectives.

  • selection and compilation of teaching material in consultation with the student.

  • possibility of the individualised orientation of foreign language training according to the subject or job (e.g. Russian courses for the hotel industry, gastronomy, business communication...).

  • language courses can start at any time within a few days of registration, without long waiting times.

  • the intensity of the language courses according to requirements, e.g. Russian lessons once a week, every other day, daily...

  • the start, duration and end of the language course can be determined by the student.

  • temporary interruptions of the language course, e.g. due to illness, business trips or holidays of the learner, and its continuation at any time thereafter are possible without disadvantages for the learner.

  • agreement on a manageable, demand-dependent number of hours (e.g. 10, 20, 30... teaching units) for the language course and the possibility of booking additional teaching units on favourable terms if necessary.

  • upon completion of the Russian language course, the student receives a meaningful certificate or a certificate of attendance, which can be an advantage for job applications, among other things.

Russian lessons in one-to-one courses – learn Russian together with friends, acquaintances or colleagues

Individual Russian language training – learning Russian in a small group with your partner, colleagues, friends or acquaintances

At our language school, we understand individual training or one-to-one lessons to mean not only individual language lessons for one person but also individual courses for a small group – usually consisting of 2-4 people (e.g. married couples, colleagues, friends) – who have decided to improve their foreign language skills together. This form of language training is also very effective and flexible, as learners can benefit from the advantages of individual training described above and save considerable money compared to individual tuition for a single person.

However, these individual courses are only useful and successful if all participants have similar prior knowledge of the respective foreign language (or are all beginners) and have common learning objectives and ideas regarding the language course schedule.

Russian language courses as individual lessons in a small group can, like individual training, also start at any time and at short notice. For individual Russian lessons, our language school has competent native Russian speakers as well as qualified Russian and Spanish teachers with extensive international teaching experience.

Our language school organises individual lessons for private individuals and language courses for companies and institutions in almost all foreign languages, also at the participants' premises throughout Barcelona, Madrid and the surrounding area.

Intensive Russian language courses in the form of private Russian lessons or courses in small groups

Intensive Russian language courses or intensive courses as private Russian lessons for fast and clear learning.

Russian language courses at our language school can also take place as intensive courses or accelerated courses if it is important or necessary for the student to make very rapid progress in learning the foreign language.

These intensive courses usually consist of at least 20 double lessons (90 minutes each) and are held almost every day or several times a week; full-day lessons and a very large number of lessons (e.g. more than 100 hours) are also possible, especially if beginners or students with little previous knowledge needed to reach a significantly higher level of language proficiency in a short period of time.

Upon completion of the intensive Russian language courses or intensive Russian language courses, participants – as after completion of individual training – may receive a signed certificate or a certificate of attendance.

Russian language courses for company employees and executives as individual Russian lessons or group Russian courses

In-company Russian courses and individual Russian lessons for companies at all levels (A1 to C2 according to CEFR).

Our language school can organise and conduct short-term Russian language courses for companies and institutions (e.g. public authorities, research institutes and educational institutions) in Barcelona, Madrid and the surrounding area.

In doing so, we can take into account the client's specifications regarding the timetable (scheduling), the number of participants, the focus of the content and the teaching materials to be used. In-company language courses can also be subject or sector-specific, e.g. Russian language courses for business, office communication, tourism, gastronomy, hospitality, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, transport, technology, computer science, natural sciences, medicine, pharmacy, research and development, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, retail, wholesale, import, export, construction, architecture, advertising, marketing, banking, insurance, service industry, agriculture/forestry, education, art, culture, sports...

Russian lessons at all levels (A1 to C2 according to CEFR) – for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Main topics of our Russian courses and private Russian lessons

As the Russian lessons at our language school in Barcelona and Madrid are usually organised as individual training, the teaching topics and the focus of the language training can be agreed upon individually between the student and the teacher, depending on the participant's previous knowledge, learning objective and areas of interest.

As a rule, the following teaching topics are the main focus of our Russian language courses or individual Russian lessons:

Basic Russian courses / Russian courses for beginners (level A1 to A2): peculiarities of pronunciation (phonetic training on sound formation, accent, intonation, etc.); alphabet; sentence formation (syntax) – formation of propositional sentences (positive and negative statements) as well as interrogative sentences; interrogative words; pronouns (personal pronouns, indefinite pronouns, etc.); peculiarities of spelling of words. ); peculiarities of spelling words and phrases; important prepositions; adjectives and adverbs; statements about oneself (name, age, place of residence, family, profession, education, hobbies, interests); numbers and dates (basic numbers and ordinal numbers); time; hours of the day; days of the week; names of months; basic knowledge of the country; development of simple speaking, listening, reading, translating and writing skills; vocabulary and idioms on the most important topics of everyday life, e.g. furniture, home, family e.g. furniture, flat, hotel, means of transport, train station, airport, customs, shopping, food, meals, restaurant, sightseeing, visit to the doctor, car rental. ..

Intermediate Russian courses (levels B1 to B2): Use of verb tenses in the present, future and past tenses; regular and irregular verbs; conjugations and declensions; formation of compound sentences (main clause + subordinate clause); imperative; conjunctions to introduce adverbial subordinate clauses; prepositions in local, temporal and figurative sense; Comparing adjectives and adverbs and formulating comparisons; teaching more vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, especially on the topics of regional studies in the target country, information about Russia and one's hometown, one's preferences, interests and hobbies, daily routine, plans for the future, curriculum vitae, professional activities, school, training, studies, art, culture, history, sport, etc. teaching and practising idiomatic expressions and phrases. Teaching of idioms and exercises to express one's own opinion (e.g. agree, disagree), to make suggestions, to respond to offers, to express one's own point of view and to convince the other person; various exercises to develop speaking skills, listening comprehension, written communication skills and understanding of texts (with and without reference books) ...

Advanced Russian courses (level C1 to C2): Conversation on various topics from different areas, e.g. tourism, history, regional studies, politics, economics, art, culture, literature, media, sports, everyday life, taking into account students' wishes and areas of interest; grammar training at a higher level with individual approach; further development of communicative skills and language use in appropriate situations (colloquial and formal use of the language); reading and translation of difficult texts on a variety of topics, e.g. press articles, publications (with and without reference books). Reading and translation of difficult texts on a variety of topics, e.g. newspaper articles, publications (mainly original texts not adapted); introduction to original foreign-language literature; exercises to improve listening comprehension; writing texts on a variety of topics (letters, essays, reports, summaries, etc.); discussion of controversial topics (letters, essays, reports, summaries, etc.); discussion of controversial topics (e.g. letters, essays, reports, summaries, etc.). ); discussion of controversial topics to train the ability to express oneself in the foreign language; telephone coaching if necessary; writing business letters; teaching of technical language, e.g. Russian for business, technology, natural sciences, computer science, medicine ...

Qualified native Russian teachers provide effective Russian lessons for adults, teenagers and children.

About our Russian teachers and their qualifications

The team of teachers at our language school includes native Russian speakers who teach language classes at a wide range of levels for individuals and companies. Most of our native Russian teachers also have a very good knowledge of Spanish and English, making them ideal for language classes with both beginners and advanced participants.

In addition, our language school also has Spanish and Russian teachers. Our Spanish and Russian teachers are usually graduates in Slavic studies, i.e. they are trained or future linguists or secondary school teachers for these languages or have a comparable qualification. In addition, our Russian teachers also have extensive experience abroad, from which they can benefit in their teaching activity. Our Russian language courses not only teach the language but also include important country knowledge and intercultural competence.

About our approach and teaching methods in private Russian lessons

If the students already have prior knowledge at the beginning of the foreign language training, e.g. buried school knowledge, our teachers first conduct a placement test in spoken and written Russian in order to objectively assess the linguistic starting point, so that the students are neither under-challenged nor over-challenged in the language lessons. This is followed by a needs analysis, which shows which main topics (e.g. teaching everyday vocabulary, tourist vocabulary, regional studies, colloquial/technical language) and which language activities (e.g. speaking freely, listening comprehensively, reading, understanding and translating texts, composing written messages) are of central importance to the learner in Russian lessons.

The placement test and needs analysis form the basis for the individual design of the syllabus and the selection or compilation of teaching material for the Russian language course. The content and method of language teaching are adapted to the needs, wishes, objectives and prerequisites of the individual learner.

If the learner has little or no previous knowledge of the Russian language, the simplest basic linguistic aspects such as sentence formation (syntax), pronouns, simple conjugations and declensions, elementary everyday vocabulary, numbers, the alphabet, phonetic formation in the foreign language .... are covered first.

If the pupils do not wish otherwise, foreign language training is carried out in the Russian language in spoken and written form, whereby not only linguistic knowledge (vocabulary, idioms, grammar, etc.) is taught, but also the language skills of speaking freely, understanding, listening and reacting are systematically trained. The language activities listening – speaking – reading – writing are considered in context and practised in various situations. The language skills taught are directly applied in oral communication and thus consolidated and deepened. Free oral expression (monologue and dialogue) plays an important role in our language classes, in which topics of interest to the respective student are selected.

Regular progress tests in speaking and writing provide the teacher and student with feedback on progress made and orientation for further teaching and prioritisation in the Russian language course.

If the student already has a secure and ready-to-use basic knowledge of the Russian language, there is also the possibility to orientate the language training fully or partially towards a specific profession or subject, e.g. courses in Russian for business (e.g. "Business Russian"), commerce, technology, natural sciences, computer science, law, tourism, hotel and catering, gastronomy, medicine...

Russian courses at our language schools in Barcelona and Madrid can also serve as preparation for specific events and plans of a professional or private nature, e.g. an upcoming holiday or business trip, studying abroad, a job or business activity abroad, a job interview or a job interview in Russian, foreign language conferences, fairs, specialised presentations...

Technical or work-related Russian / Russian for work, study and business contacts with needs-based content and topics

Russian language courses or individual Russian language training as specialised or work-related tuition – Russian for work, business and studies

Especially for advanced students who already have a secure and ready-to-use knowledge of the Russian language at a higher level, our language school in Barcelona and Madrid offers the possibility to organise predominantly subject- or work-related foreign language training.

Specialised Russian courses or work-related private Russian lessons can be geared towards, among others, the following specialised fields and sectors:

  • Gastronomy, catering and hospitality: e.g. Russian language courses for catering specialists, hotel employees, hoteliers...

  • Tourism and hospitality: e.g. language courses for tour guides, city guides, travel agency employees, entertainers, etc.

  • Transport, traffic and logistics: e.g. language training for flight attendants/stewardesses, pilots, train drivers, long-distance lorry drivers, hauliers...

  • Import, export and trade (foreign trade, wholesale, retail) – e.g. Russian language courses for buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs...

  • Office communication and business correspondence – e.g. language courses for secretaries, foreign language correspondents, administrative staff, executives and managers...

  • Computer and information technology (IT sector) – e.g. specialised language courses for computer scientists, software developers, programmers, network technicians, PC engineers...

  • Plant engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications and telecommunication technology, vehicle construction, automotive engineering, metal processing, chemical industry – e.g. Russian language courses for engineers and technicians.

  • Medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals – e.g. technical language for doctors, nurses, medical-technical assistants (MTAs), laboratory assistants, pharmacologists, pharmacists, pharmaceutical representatives ...

  • Research and development: includes language training for natural scientists and development engineers with individual orientation and specialisation.

  • Construction, architecture and real estate: e.g. language training for construction engineers, project managers, construction planners, architects and real estate agents or property managers.

  • Ecology/environmental protection and environmental engineering, biotechnologies

  • Energy production and the energy industry

  • Insurance and banking sector: e.g. Russian language courses for insurance brokers or insurance agents and bank employees, financial advisors, financial brokers ...

  • Agriculture, forestry and water management – e.g. technical language for agricultural engineers, farmers and hydrologists

  • Education – e.g. language training for teachers, educators, social pedagogues...

  • Art, culture, sport and event management – e.g. Russian language courses for organisers of cultural and sporting events, concerts, fairs, exhibitions, etc.

  • Service industry and leisure facilities: e.g. language training for hairdressers, beauticians, employees of leisure and recreational facilities...

  • Law/jurisprudence – e.g. Russian for lawyers.

  • Tax and management consultancy – e.g. foreign language training for tax advisors and auditors or business consultants